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Buying and selling during summer

Question: Should I consider taking my home off the market during the summer?

Answer: While there might be fewer prospective buyers looking over the summer, it is entirely possible that the buyer of your home will come forward during this time. I am currently working with a number of buyers who are actively searching for, I and will hopefully purchase, a home this summer. Surprisingly, offseason months have often been some of our busiest. If a seller whose home had sold during the summer had taken his/her home off the market, he/she might have missed a potential sale.

Some sellers may think that delisting their home and placing it on the market in the fan will make their listing seem "fresh." However, buyers are more sophisticated than ever. They can easily determine a listing's history. While having a property on the market for a long time may not be ideal, taking a home off the market and placing it back on can also send an unwanted message.

If your home is on the market in the summer, here are some tips:

  • Remember that a battened down, darkened, closed up property filled with outdoor furniture will make a home show poorly.
  • Window treatments should be opened and furniture should be uncovered.
  • If you are inclined to place patio furniture inside, consider storing it in the garage.
  • The temperature should be set to a comfortable level during showings.
  • If you won't be in town to prepare for showings, ask your agent or your home watch person to assist you in staging your home so it shows as well as possible.